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Sideshow Events specializes in Family Entertainment. Let us help you create a unique experience your guest will be talking about for a long time.

    Hire The Best Balloon Artists In The Bay Area!

    What you get:

    • -Professional, experienced, full-time entertainers (not just weekends)
    • -Level 5 AB & CBA certified Balloon Artist (we can make just about anything)
    • -Signature Costume Balloons (Wearable Ninja Turtle outfits, Jetpacks, Superheros & riding unicorns)
    • -Animal Balloons (flying-dragons, monkeys and elephants)
    • -Caricature Balloons (Queen Elsa, Olaf, Big Hero 6, Minions)
    • -Headband Balloons (unique, fashionable, accessories)

    Fill out the event planner or call for pricing and schedule availability. (808)646-9788


    Young and old alike, enjoy balloon art

    Art Is entertainment! Our balloon artists will wow and excite your audience with creations that are sure to amaze.balloon-art-for-parties Our entertainers unique style and signature “Costume Balloons” will create a fun environment that will stimulate the imagination. Your guest will find ways to interact with the balloon artists and challenge them with new creations.

    Look no further for a unique party idea

    The interactive style in how we create balloon sculptures creates an entertainment value that captures the attention of the whole audience. Kids and grownups alike are involved and coming up with new balloon art challenges for the balloon artists, and guessing “what in the world is that?” or “is it a bird, is it plane?”. Check out some videos below of Gideon and Daniel creating balloon art.


    “Airbrush tattoos” is a modern form of “face painting” that uses compressed air and stencils. Airbrushing is not limited to just your face. It’s perfect for younger kids who have a hard time sitting still. It goes on 3x faster than face painting, dries faster, and it’s waterproof. It won’t rub off on the furniture, and we have over 120 designs to choose from. Airbrushing on the arm, shoulder, hand, or even leg, will allow the kids to be able look at their beautiful butterfly, dragon, or transformer, etc. They get excited and go back to the display board to pick out another one. airbrush-for-events airbrush-for-partiesUnlike traditional face painting, Airbrushing is fast, neat and won’t rub off on your clothes. 

    Airbrush highlights:

    • Tattoos take less than a minute to apply, the line moves fast!
    • Great for small children too, as they don’t have to sit still for long.
    • Ideal for beach or pool parties, tattoo is water-proof!
    • We use fast drying, high quality, make-up grade, FDA approved paint. 
    • The tattoos last for up to five days! They can be removed anytime with soap or rubbing alcohol
    • We have over one hundred designs to choose from! 

    Fill out the event planner or call for pricing and schedule availability. (831)419-2455

    Record all the fun memories created on that special day!

     Photo Booth -2 hours $400, $100 per hour after


    What’s Included:


    -Delivery & set up of the Photo Booth. -Full time professional attendant during the entire event. -Extravagant hats, masks & fanciful props. -Unlimited black & white or color pictures. -USB thumb drive of all the photos taken at the event.

    See It in Action! Watch the Video Below

    How It Works: 1. Choose your photo props 2. Enter the Adventure Photo Booth, press button to select “Black & White” or “Color”     The Adventure Booth has a flat screen which allow you to interact and see yourself as you pose. 3. Strike your pose! 4. Get your pictures! When you exit the photo booth the picture will be printing and be ready in less than 30 seconds. The 4×6 photos are printed on the Lab quality HiTi Digital photo printer. The high quality self-laminating paper will create long-lasting memories you can treasure for years! We are proud to be utilizing the industry leading US Patented Mojo Photo Booth portable system. CANON EOS Rebel T3i 18MP 1080p HD Video Camera 20” Touch Screen Flat Panel Wide-Screen LED Monitor HiTi P510L High-Speed Dye Sublimation Digital Photo Printer 5×5 EZ Connect Pop Up Canopy System The Adventure Photo Booth is 5×5 feet (largest professional booth), can fit up to 8 adults, allowing for whole a family our group of friends to pose together. The Adventure Photo Booth is equipped with the latest in high resolution digital technology and is the perfect way to capture the fun and create lasting memories at any special event!

    Want to add that wow factor to your event?

    stilt-walkers“Wow” “What in the ..” “Oh My”and “Woooah” are commons sounds and words that come from the audience when they walk in and are greeted by stilt walkers. DO NOT TRY THIS YOURSELF, stilt walking like this is an art form that is passed down from generation to generation and carefully taught and learned.

    Get high with stilt walkers!

    Not only are they 10 feet tall, but our stilt walkers dress to impress and take the excitement level up up up!!

    Art is entertainment!

    caricature-artist-2 Our caricature artist is sure to blow your mind as he captures the personality of your event guests and gives them something to talk about all while creating a great souvenir for your guest to embrace and take home. Our caricature artist can usually sketch 1 person every 5-7 minutes. Group sketches may take longer. Our award-winning caricature artist who is ready to provide a memorable and energetic experience for your next special event. Ideal for large parties and group functions.

    Fill out the event planner or call for pricing and schedule availability. (831)419-2455

    Make Your Event Magical

    Our amazing magic shows can be geared for any audience. They are 60-90 minute, high-energy performances with lots of audience participation and interaction! Our Professional Magicians and Illusionists will travel to your event; they offer a variety of amazing magic services like Magic Shows, Magic Workshops, Close-up Table Magic, Mingling Magicians, and Customized Shows. There are no scary acts in our shows; we focus on comedy and magic tricks with silks, rings, ropes and disappearing objects! That means all of our shows are fun and guaranteed to create happy memories for all.”


    With over 7 years experience as a wedding and event photographer, Ben is our in house choice for all your personal and corporate photography needs. Services include but are not limited to : Online web hosting, prints, photo books, cards, posters and more. Please call and ask to speak with Ben directly.

    The intricacy of traditional henna designs has never failed to amaze me.  The combinations of a few basic repeating patterns are truly infinite and I have always found solace and peace with these never-ending creations.  I am a self-taught artist and love working with henna paste and other types of mediums (canvas, acrylic, pen & ink, body art paints and tattoo design) to create self-expressive art all based on perfect flow and movement within the design itself.  Merging this, with ancient traditional henna patterning, to achieve something the eye looses itself within is my ultimate goal.  – Julia Miho Nakamura


    Services List

    • Balloon Art
    • Airbrush Tattoos
    • Caricature Artist
    • Magicians
    • Photography
    • Face Painting
    • Stilt Walkers
    • Bands & Musicians
    • Photo Booth

    Event Examples

    • Corporate Event
    • Birthday Party
    • Tradeshow
    • Festival
    • Family Reunion
    • Wedding
    • Street Fair
    • Fundraiser

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